Game of Thrones Dvd

game of thrones dvd
kaleci with the dragons

Are you a big fan of the game of thrones like myself? I absoloutely love the series. It is one of those series which makes you wanna watch and watch and watch. I hate it when you are waiting for another season, as you have got so long to wait… pisses me off 😉

I love all of the characters , my favourites are definately tyrone and saskia , those two are my favourite and i loved the prince the son of the queen, he was so evil. He definately got what was coming to him.

What amazes me about this series is that the writer and director behind the series kills all of the main characters off , and in one shot at one point, including lady starch. I was so shocked and before this scene they killed off sean bean, i was nearly crying…

The story is fantastic, there is however alot of unecessary sexual scenes in the series which i feel is pretty inappropriate. Don’t know about you if you feel the same?

The characters, the story, the special effects and everything are amazing, especially the dragon scenes omg wow.

Anways purchase the GAME OF THRONES DVD SEASONS 1-7 SET

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